Shopping for fashion or function can seem indulgent right now but you may need or want certain clothing or accessories to keep going or to get back to work. Retail is open but limited and can feel tiring!  

Save money, support sustainable fashion and add items into your wardrobe comfortably when you shop Magda's Style Room by-mail this summer.


The usual personal shopping, shop-parties and events are on hold, but if you need any wardrobe additions contact me directly, or through the website. 

Send your sizes and a list of any clothing and accessories you wish you had. I will send you a personalized photo-album of inventory that matches your list.

View your album, select what you want and your items will be mailed to you.


Pay for what you keep + plus shipping on returns for items that don't work - within 3 days of receiving your items. 


A great value! Most of the regular perfect or like-new inventory is $20-50 and gently used grab-bag items $10-20. All curated and selected for quality, function, or unique fashion.


Inquire about donating special good condition items for credits toward future shopping.

Thank you for supporting small business!








HOST a Shop party and get $50 in FREE FASHION!