Credits = Magda's Money

When you donate a bag of good condition items, we'll go through and notify you within a week what we will use and how much Magda's money you'll get based on credits.

Credits are given based on a 4 tier system.

You can use your Magda's money in full when you invite friends to shop with you once you spend $50. Shop solo, use half once you spend $50, and the other half will roll over toward your next appointment to shop. Magda's money is good for up to a year so you can continue to build credits each time you shop by donating a bag. Credits add up, and since the cost of Magda's is a great value it's a win for your budget.

The items from your bag we don't use will be sourced to good charities and to people in need. 


Tier 1 - High end designer/luxury items/fashion houses.

            Exquisite and an investment at regular cost.

            ex: Armani/Louis Vuitton/Ferragamo/Anna Sui/Versace

            When we choose one of these items = $10


Tier 2 - Mid level designer.

            Ready to wear/department Stores/can shop online.

            ex: J.Crew/Armani Exchange/Anne Taylor/B. Republic

            When we choose three of these items = $10 


Tier 3 - Random and anything else

            When we choose four of these items = $10


Tier 4 - the GRAB bag

            Special 'gently used' items                

            When we choose five of these items = $10


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