WHY shop Magda's Style Room?

Boutiques-Online Shopping-Sample Sales and Thrift Stores are all fashionable ways to shop. If you shop with Magda's Style Room seasonally first you get more value and more personally selected fashion.


-Shop in your home, a space or office - solo or with friends.

-Magda's Style Room saves you money and time.

-Styling advice - a fun tool to get feedback.

-Unique/affordable but quality wardrobe additions.

-Resale items to shop are curated perfect or new...not thrift.

-Clothing you donate is sourced for you and you get perks.

-Receive credit perks to shop when you invite friends to shop.

-You refine your wardrobe! 


MORE reasons you will LOVE Magda's Style Room 


-You'll find 'surprise' fashion that feels spontaneous.

-You'll be satisfied finding basics - worth more than they cost.

-You'll be thrilled finding special designer finds for a great price.

-You'll begin to get your closet down to what is really you.

-You want the truth on how it looks.

-You'll like how good styling advice encourages experimenting.


HOST a Shop party and get $50 in FREE FASHION!